Coin packaging and display in one product

ApoPAXX - The global innovation for coin collectors

The robust and economical solution from acrylic for the safe storage of coins and medals

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Coin presentation box and packaging in one

Appealing alternative to traditional capsules

Apopaxx slide plexiglas insert 0

Insert as a stand

Coin display, presentation, and packaging in one simple product.

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Made of acrylic

A robust and affordable solution without magnets or screws.

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Printing, engraving, specific size, shape, or contour.

Several standard diameters

The proper casing for every coin

Through standardization, you can buy this innovative product for different common coin diameters at convenient rates.
However, on request, we can customize ApoPAXX® for other coin diameters, personalized printing, and outer contours. Ask us for a quotation.

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Apopaxx box and plexiglas insert
Apopaxx from the front
  • Basic Datasheet

    Flexible and customizable

    The format and color of the hull can be specialized according to your personal requirement. An individually designed slipcase completes the final packaging. Simply get in contact with us and we will find a solution that perfectly fits your needs!

    Outer part L x W x H 60 x 60 x 8 (mm)
    Inner part L x W x H 52 x 44 x 3 (mm)
    Coin deposite For all common 1-Ounce Brouillon Coins
    Special formats Special printing Everything is possible on request

  • No need to touch the coin itself

    Both for enhanced and not enhanced coins and medals

    This functional, high quality ApoPAXX®coin box made of acrylic with stand-up function is completely produced in our factory in Pforzheim, Germany. The coin case helps you to manage your coin collection while preserving the pieces or even exhibiting them in a showcase or on a desk.

  • Processing

    No magnets, no screws

    The acrylic box consists of an inner part, the insert, and an outer part. The inner part holds the coin and it can be inserted into the outer part. The internal mechanism prevents the coin from falling out unintentionally. The copyrighted design works without screws or magnets.

  • Without contacting the coin

    Inner part with coin is extractable

    Take a look at your coin through the window of the outer part without having to take it out. Or look at your coin directly without a disturbing capsule by simply pulling out the insert. Finally, you can put the inner part into a stand-up position with the coin by just putting it on the outer part.

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